What Kind of Girl Are You?

by Transient Girl

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Daniel G Wilson An awesome song from a talented musician. 7/10
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I recorded this track while in a manic state back in February in a basement in Saint Catharines, Ontario. It is one of many tracks I recorded during one week where I felt like I had no limits, I didn't need sleep and I could keep going forever. I was God. At the end of that week I crashed and ended up in a Psych Ward where I was diagnosed (for like the 4th time) with Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. I realized making music is what literally keeps me alive: knowing I have another show, knowing I have to finish a recording, knowing the world hasn't heard half of what I've made. So this track is dedicated to music because its how I cope, and also to you, the viewer. I love you so much.



What kind of girl are you?
The kind with a dick, mom.
The kind that dies at 35.
The kind that was never alive.

The odds are stacked against me
but I have friends and family
They love me.
I’m lucky.
and I know they’ll be sad when I’m not around.
I don’t think ill outlive my dog
let alone my mom
I want to cut myself but I’m screaming these words
It hurts

The only thing thats keeping me alive is this song
if you’re listening then please hold on
I can’t promise you change
but maybe some day you will feel cared for and safe
were in this together

I don’t want to look in the mirror
I don’t want to hear my own voice
“its suicide, its suicide, its all suicide to me”

I want a big house in the woods
where all the trannies and genderqueer faggots
can live away from the cis gaze
to be together and safe
they want us to die
but we’ll try anyways

dysphoria makes a mess of me
and society makes a mess of me
and I make a mess of myself
but I kept my dignity
I kept my dignity
i kept my dignity
When you asked me
What kind of girl are you?
and I replied
“the kind with a dick, mom”


released August 28, 2016
Rachel Mesic- Everything



all rights reserved


Transient Girl Ontario

I am a multi instrumentalist musician and poet from Mississauga who wants to spread emotion, love & togetherness through art. I believe in the power of gathering & the ability to heal through self expression & sharing stories. Love. ♥
check out other stuff i made at soundcloud.com/rachelmesic
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