Validate Me

by Transient Girl

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This is a song I wrote in the summer. Things have changed but a lot still rings true. Special thanks to alex prodanovic for helping me mix this and to my friends: matt, stefanie, mike, merrikat, ali, shannon, samantha and all the other people who care about me online and irl for helping me get through this.


I guess I’ll make myself the victim
fiddling with rusty razor blades
covered in loose tobacco and cigarette butts
at the bottom of my bong stained backpack.
I slice my finger open and remember back to march;
in the psych ward. The nurse said “no sharps”
but I’ll admit it; I still reel at the sight of blood.
I’m about to have an episode in the middle of this classroom
I’m about to walk out drop out quit my job
and say fuck you to my boss.
I just wanna make giving up seem romantic.
In reality, I’m manic.
Can you see through my aggressive guise?
I’m soft inside. I need a hug… or stability.
and not like getting 100 dollars a week
from a guy who goes to jail on saturdays
for assaulting his wife.
I’m better than that. I’m better than that.
I’m better than him
but still
I’m snorting ashes from a burnt bridge
Drowning in methadone or cough syrup or my thoughts
to achieve empty catharsis; ethereal numbness.
Spike my senses cover me in crystal stab your stick in my mud
don’t let me move. Your hands turn to money
and I turn to glue.
Invalidate my safe space, I’m never safe from the truth.
Validate me. Validate me Validate me I’m borderline
I’m never safe from my mood.
Fuck me up and forget about me brand your name into my skin
I’m never safe from you.
and the things that you do.


released February 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Transient Girl Ontario

I am a multi instrumentalist musician and poet from Mississauga who wants to spread emotion, love & togetherness through art. I believe in the power of gathering & the ability to heal through self expression & sharing stories. Love. ♥
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